by Tech Bureau

COMSA Global Services Network

COMSA Global is a network of software and product offerings for centralized businesses to adopt blockchain technology and pursue asset tokenization and sale offerings.

Network Partners

Centralized businesses of all shapes, sizes and market sectors are choosing COMSA Global Services as a partner to help them enter the era of asset tokenization and decentralization. As partnerships become official and can be announced we will highlight their efforts here so the community can be informed of the work they are doing.

Building a global footprint

Tech Bureau is building out operations around the globe to be able to service the fast growing crypto asset and tokenization market.

With the growth the crytpo sector has achieved in the past 4 years since founding TechBureau, we are excited for the future and putting TechBureau in a position to grow its product and service offerings at a global scale.

Takao Asayama, TechBureau Corp CEO

The COMSA Approach

As we roll out and expand our new service offerings it will be with a continual improvement mindset driven by these core tenants driving our efforts.


Working within a fast growing & quickly shifting global crypto asset regulartory landscape.

Clients & Partnerships

Our client & partner demand will drive our current and future service offerings, by enabling & making them successful COMSA will be successful.


We need to do a better job servicing our community, including communication updates and rolling out new tools and services to support them across our platform and network.